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Presantation - History



ADPA stands for ďAlbania Disabled People AssociationĒ. It was founded by a group of disabled people in January 1995. It is a voluntary union which acts as an independent, non governmental, humanitarian association taking no consideration on age, sex, race, or political opinions. ADPA develops its activity through working groups lead by Head Council. The Association is grown up and consolidated in the course of time and now we count about 7500 disabled people as our members. Association members are disabled people of different professional disease, different accidental, general disease.





Mission of DPA is to promote the equal chances and the continuous protection of the Disabled People.  Aiming  the  improvement of their life quality and of their families.The capacity development for social integration of the disabled people, through  providing the high quality services and resources, as well as through active cooperation with all interested local and foreign parties. Our programs aim to have different support in the disabled field, such as in the field of human rights' protection, rehabilitation, socialization, education, professional formation,    requesting the application of demotic standards

Creation date : 06/12/2004 @ 04:00
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 It helps on social integration, offers administration help, professional education, health education.  We do exchange experience with all those have same healthy problems, social problems and economical too,

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